INFO: E-Prime file extensions [18091]




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    David McFarlane

    A good start.  You left out .txt, .wndpos, .xsl, & .xml (and possibly .bin):

    - txt:  E-Prime generates a plain text file to hold data during the experiment, and upon successful completion generates the .edat* file from this.  In the event of an aborted run, E-Recovery may be used to to generate an .edat* file with partial data from the .txt file.

    - wndpos:  This file stores the state (e.g., open windows & positions) of your E-Studio session.   When you open an new session with an existing .es* file, it will open to the same state that you left it in.

    - xsl, xml:  These are not E-Prime-specific files, but generic formats used for various report files generated by E-Prime.

    Note also that .es2, .ebs2, and .startupInfo files, under the hood, are just plain text xml files.

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    David McFarlane

    On a fussy grammatical note, "These files are comprised of ..." should read either "These files comprise ..." or "These files are composed of ..." (see Strunk & White's "The Elements of Style").

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