E-prime txt file disappeared, can it be recovered?



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    David McFarlane

    I would want to know how the original txt recovery files disappeared in order to prevent that happening again.

    As you have found out, the E-DataAid File Export facility exports the data to a delimited text format that may be read in by spreadsheet or other software, it does not regenerate the txt recovery file.

    I have never seen any way to automatically regenerate txt recover files from edat files.  But in principle, if you look at some example txt files you could figure out their general format and then manually reconstruct txt files from edat files, or program a tool to automate the process.  Not a trivial job though.  In fact, might be easier to edit your analysis script to work with the text file exported from E-DataAid.

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    jonathan DAvid

    Hi David, thank you for your answer.

    I am not sure how and why the txt recovery files disappeared.

    I will defiantly take your advice's.

    thank you,


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