What are the benefits of Eprime 3?


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    David McFarlane

    I have had a pretty good look at EP3, though we have not put it to use with any experiments yet.  Here are two "game-changers" that attract my attention:

    - SlideButton, SlideChoice, and SlideSlider sub-objects for making forms & questionnaires.

    - Script Task Events that allow you to run arbitrary code based on events.

    It also includes a lot of nice changes to the development interface, and a host of debugging & development aids.

    Be aware that your collaborators who still use EP2 will not be able to use your EP3 programs until they also upgrade.  So this is a sort of "phase change" event -- until enough researchers upgrade, no one will want to upgrade, but as soon as enough researchers upgrade, we will all have to upgrade.

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