AV: CodecConfig Tutorial [18101]

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    Todd Richards

    I wish to share my fix to get eprime2 movies to work with windows 10.

    1) I downloaded the latest version of eprime2 and installed install it

    2) I converted my movies to avi using linux version of ffmpeg command

    ffmpeg -i moviename.mov moviename.avi -vcodec mpeg4

    3) In eprime,  navigate to the Experiment Object Properties -> Devices -> Display Device and set the “Throw error if invalid refresh rate” property to No.

    4) insert new avi movies into eprime program

    5) change compatibility properties of both run time and ESTUDIO  by doing a right click on the program  files names inside of the PST/programs folder.  Change the compatibility to

    window XP service pack 2 and also change to run as administrator

    6) Using these procedures I was able to get my eprime 2 to run my movies using windows 10 without crashing as I have read the trail of tears in the forum pages where users are trying to get help with eprime video problems

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