INSTALL: haspds_msi.dll error when installing a version of E-Prime 2.0 prior to 2008 [18385]

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    Mika Armenta

    Hello, I came across this problem and  your solution worked, however I have been unable to change my Aladdin Shared (now AladdinShared) folder back to its original name. So, there are now two folders: 1. Aladdin Shared (the original), and 2. AladdinShared (the one I renamed before the installation). Is there any danger in having both folders?





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    David McFarlane

    I recently ran into this problem when installing E-Prime (Update 2), and renaming the 'Aladdin Shared' folder as described here fixed the problem. As Mike Armenta mentioned, it generated a new 'Aladdin Shared' folder, but leaving both the renamed and new folders in place does not seem to cause any trouble.

    Note that recent versions of Windows put the 'Aladdin Shared' folder in 'Program Files (x86)\Common Files\' (not 'Program Files\Common Files\'). Also, later PST Support articles suggest installing an earlier version of the HASP driver, e.g., 8.23.

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