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    Alissa Jerud


    Thank you for your help with this. I have two additional questions:


    1) How do we simply tell EPrime to pause and resume the experiment. The script is a little confusing and I'm not sure what we can extract from it for our use.


    2) At what point do we enter the script? We have a pretty lengthy overall script at the beginning of the experiment- should we just insert this new script at the end of that one? Or does it belong elsewhere?

    Thank you!


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    David Nicholson

    The sample demonstrates two method to "pause" the experiment. In the first block, it uses a conditional exit (e.g. x number of trials then pause). The second block uses the UserBreakState method to pause the experimetn when the Ctrl+Shift key is pressed. 

     The InLine CheckForCtrlShift, runs the Pause2 TextDisplay object from the Unreferenced E-Objects if Ctrl+Shift is pressed. The user can press Ctrl+Shift during the trial and Pause2 will run once the current trial completes.

    Please also see 5105 - FEATURE: Ability to customize UserBreakState, ConditionalExit, and SystemAbortWatch key sequences and 2634 - FEATURE: Conditional Exit (Graceful Abort).

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