Balloon Analogue Risk Task (BART) [30127]




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    Jaehoon Park

    I have some questions .

    1. If i want to make 1.5s~2.5s between balloon pumps, what can i do?

    2. what if i want maximum pumps 12 per each ballons, what can i do?

    3. how to change probablity of explosion ? i want  to make it gradually increment. like 0.0 % -> 2.1% -> 4.2%->6.3%->14.6

    if you can help me, i will really appreciate you.

    thanks for reading my comment.

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    Devon Struthers


    I would be happy to answer your question if you create this as a support ticket! All you have to do is go to, sign in as you have done to make this comment but this time, click Submit a Request at the top of the page. If you copy and paste what you have here, I would be happy to assist you with these edits!

    I hope to hear from you shortly.


    Devon Struthers

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    Mostafa Deldoost


    I am Mostafa Deldoost . recently I got interested in behavioral economics and now I am researching on it.
      I have a question about BART so I appreciate if you answer it.
    how can I classify risk taker and risk seeker person based on  30 trial BART
    test, I mean what is the critical factor that I can say if a person get less
     than on is risk seeker or risk lover.
      for example in one experiment adjusted number of pumps was 50 , this person
      is risk lover or risk seeker? what is the role of reward ? should I compute
      expected earning ? how?
      Can I apply BART test in order to classify a person in terms of economic risk not social risk like drug ?
      I appreciate if you forward me the computation in spread sheet or Matlab for
      a real or artificial experiment.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.



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    Devon Struthers


    Thank you very much for commenting on the task! It sounds like you have some pretty specific questions, so I would be happy to help you if you submit a support ticket to Feel free to make a ticket there, I would be happy to answer your question as soon as I see the ticket come in!


    Devon Struthers

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