E-STUDIO: E-Run Test Mode [22737]



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    David McFarlane

    I like Test Mode a lot, especially combined with Auto Response, thanks for these features.  A few thoughts --

    - Auto Response works only with the keyboard.  Any chance of extending Auto Response to work with the mouse, SRBox, Chronos, etc.?

    - Test Mode allows speeding up to a factor of 4.  I have my own InLine code that allows speeding up to a factor of 100, which I find very useful for doing quick checks of the operation & timing of fMRI programs.  Why not allow faster speedups with Test Mode?

    - It seems to me that Test Mode does not generate an .ebs2 file, which took me by surprise at first.  Now that I know, I prefer that behavior.  Could you please document this?

    - Sometimes I also get different behavior with Test Mode than I do from using the generated .ebs2 file, which makes me wonder if Test Mode uses a different runtime engine than E-Run.  What gives?


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